Objects of Synthesis
‘’The ultimate truth about the structure of the universe lay in certain ratios and proportion’’

The world is a place we experience with our own senses. What we see is many elements working together and working in opposite directions. We find and/or describe formula to make an understanding of that what we experience. Where some become common-sense. This project is about my personal perspective on harmony. An attempt, to realize the very synthesis of elements what typifies my personal believe of a balanced environment. Each object provides a synthesis. Carrying the meaning as being a ‘tool’. A ‘tool’ for measuring, based on the sense of division.


ObjectsofSynthesis8      ObjectsofSynthesis7      ObjectsofSynthesis4

Glass – being one of the few materials in our environment that is invisible. A material where we actually only experience the reflection of its surrounding.

Glass consists in this project as a visual of an empty environment, creating a juxtaposition synthesis. Where the environment is given transparently and an ‘object’ (coloured piece, visualising both a heterogeneous composition in a coloured pattern and a relief visual on the inside) connected to this environment as proportional comparison and contrast, to create this very harmony.




Heterogeneous – consisting of dissimilar items
Juxtaposition – side by side for comparison or contrast
Proportional – forming a relation with other parts or quantities

*¹ Changing concept of proportion by R Wittkower