Nonsensical Data

The wireless and digital world has become closely interweaved with our daily lives, but what do we know about its influence? What is this doing to our language, with our behaviour? Do we act differently, when we do not have to meet face to face? How does this invisible communication/ language affect us when we act in reality? Does it move our boarders of how we communicate? Is it easier to use negative/repulsive language on the Internet and even in reality?

Towards the improved self, a tool for self-realisation.

The communication our gadgets transmit and receive is wireless and invisible. Although we can communicate through this invisible medium, we do not always have direct access to use anything else than what we can project graphically on a screen to one another and vice versa.

Communication comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’ meaning to share. The activity of transmitting information through exchange as by signals, visuals, writings, behaviour, touch and/or speech.

One of the greatest mediums of communication became the web. A platform to exchange everything thinkable. A medium you can regulate yourself. In this medium everybody seems to be a greater person of him-/ herself. Or is it? Are we becoming an extension of the self?

The following question circulated around this project; whether we are an improved person of our selves in the parallel universe?
We can shout, almost clamor, what ever we want. And that seems to perform. The screen protects us at home, right? So why bother to be afraid of saying Anything. Does this make us any better? Invisible boundaries does not make it easy to read, because the communication through the www e.g. is not as immediate and spontaneous as the fine tone of a voice or the signs of bodylanguage.
We are not made to live alone. We can truly embrace and sense our feelings when we can share them with someone else. And in the present time, we can share everything immediately with everyone we like to be connected with.
Every day, today, exists as a platform of ‘conversation’, where we are able to rethink every word we choose to use and capable to reverse or erase whatever we think is needed. Just as I did for this exact description. This is in the shape of how we communicate trough this medium. This way of communicating would create, in my perception on the conditions just named, a more improved self on the web. A version, that stands in a parallel world. A world, not yet similar to the here and now. And in periodically times of the day we dive into this world, away from here but still attached to the real.

A clinical artefact, Nonsensical Data tells the story of human interaction. There where we might lack the ‘humanification’ and incarnation of communication.

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