Is a project evolved from an ethnographic fieldwork on the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced Hu-ge). The research and interview, focused on this particular Danish word for sense of hospitality, community, comfort, presence and intimacy, has brought me to a small scale temporarily museum display called ‘Memorabilia’.

Memorabilia is a word that comes from the Latin language, describing an item that refers to a past happening or time. Bringing back memories.

MemorabiliaTray2      MemorabiliaTray6

The display consists out of a portable wooden tray of oak, a platter with a wax upper skin and a casing of glass (bell jar).

This ‘museum’ at home describes and gathers these small events, times or forms of interest within a household. Designed to the Danish home now a day. To visualize objects found, gotten or bought.
Over time your personal ‘museum of curiosities’ would most possibly change, for the reason that your interests develop into more or different fields. Not bothering if you even would like to take a piece out, by virtue of your own sense. All bell jars have a wax skin on top of each platter. With every object, taking place, leaving a trace of information behind. Yet again creating a memorable piece, captured within.

Memorabilia gathers, shares and creates. Supporting the word ‘hygge’.

MemorabiliaTray12      MemorabiliaTray14