Mark is a project about the practitioner, not only myself but also my audience / the user.

Mark is a series of products that capture a momentum in glass.

A series of functional glass tableware that invites potential to review the establishment of the industrial manufactured material language. Embrace and supply inventive aesthetics to renew and enlarge value to the audience. Mark forms a profound relation to the realm of the object in use. The simplicity of its design accomplishes a form of interaction and interplay; in this process of exchange a connection is taking part.

Mark beholds the tactility, intimacy, use and properties glass as a material contains in the reality of space, matter and time.

The characteristics visual on the glass, both in the form of glass frozen in time from liquid to solid and glass being able to visualise the sculpted impression by the human hand, are a representation of the connection from the maker – to the object – to the observer.

Reaching for new markets and inviting people to touch, investigate and experience products.




In my search of authentic value of a product or object, I redefine my own ideology and how this ideology is capable to communicate to the perception of the user. When creating this work I have tested the authentic value of a product, by phenomenology and perception of observers. A fragment of this practice resulted into the work what now goes under the name Mark.

A fraction of my process, I have been inspired by the laboratory and the archive. Here is a small part of a mind-set I have been going through. To give you an idea of what can occur in the mind of the process.
‘’The laboratory is described as a place for practice, observation and / or testing. It is in this very field I operate in, to create all my sketches and models for defining the end result. It is the facility of a laboratory we know as an environment with controlled conditions for research, experiments and measurements.
It is all environments I create, related to the practice in my development, that contain these controlled conditions, where experiments are tested in order to establish facts. The difference with an actual facilitation laboratory is, that all elements and tools within this environment are far to important for the manufacturing of research. It is here where all instruments are at all times understood, it is this what differs the actual laboratory to that of mine. My aim is not to fully understand, but my aim is to reflect upon practice, observation and testing. From these reflections I can make conclusions or decide to leave the question unanswered. It is the similarity again to keep an open structure for observation. The laboratory exists to some extend to the society as well. It is within the capitalistic culture we are in, we search for understanding. It takes a great amount of resources of each individual for the right observation in a nest of information. We receive a certain content, that will be enrolled in our own research and measurements to formulate our own mind set. It is in our human nature to explore and reach for new things, this might be the laboratory within us.
Both the laboratory and the archive play a close role to each other. It is by means of the archive that we can fall back and reflect upon earlier discoveries we have made to re-establish a consecutive sequence towards a satisfying result.’’