RickGerner B&W


My name is Rick Gerner and for some time ago I moved from the Netherlands, my country of origin, to Denmark. I moved to an island in the Baltic sea, called Bornholm.

As I have followed glass for over two years, it gave me a little of its understanding. The way it shapes, the way it transforms, the way it changes slowly from being a kind of liquid to a solid material. I am forming or defining a material I see myself, with the background knowledge I have. Developing standpoints from this knowledge and experience towards a broad spectrum from arguments to artefacts.

In the industrial age we are living in, more materials surround us we do not have a relation to. Some strangely appealing others far away. I come from a design orientated education in the Netherlands to a design education orientated on craft, here in Denmark. I choose to be more specific on material, the understanding and knowledge of material is important to me. Although I do not limit myself to one material only and take what my surrounding is giving me.

Design and craft always fascinates me. It is my aspiration to become a designer that can create his own work, by determination to, and understanding of craftsmanship. Design has to me a form of accomplishing interaction or interplay. Where in the process of exchange a connection is taking part. A language not spoken in words but transmittable trough emotions. My work is about connecting my thought-form with the practice. I work organised and reflect upon every step within the process. Hoping in a result that gives the observer a sense of inclusion.

Coming from a country that has developed a strong identity in the world of design, The Netherlands is known now a days for a strong expression in this market. But so has Denmark, the country I am resident in for a little over two years now. These two countries represent strong characteristics when it comes down to ‘formgivning’(DK) or ‘vormgeving’(NL), what literally means ‘to give form’. In

Denmark and Scandinavia this has developed itself under the name New Nordic, where as The Netherlands brands itself under Dutch Design. These two ‘forms of speaking’ is what is both representable in my work. Next to the strong conceptual vormgeving from The Netherlands, I try to inherent the new culture I am living in. Something not that much different from where I come from. It is these small changes we are living in that sometimes can make a big difference. It is not up to me to argue if I represent myself in these two manners, it is something I carry along. Something that is sometimes more visual than others.